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Off Broadway/
National Tour

Ivy + Bean the Musical

Off-Off Broadway

Romeo and Juliet

Henry IV, Parts One and Two

The Thirteenth Commandment*

Much Ado About Nothing**

Twelfth Night


The Tempest

Graduate Theatre

Three Sisters

The Crucible

The Busy Body

A Christmas Carol (2015-2017)++

The Strangers (world premiere)+


South Pacific++

Titus Andronicus

Around the World in Eighty Days++


'Anonymous Content' (featurette)

'#Trending' (short film)

'White Wedding' (short film)

​'I Hate Earth' (webseries)

Lauren Pennline

height: 5.4
build: slim/petite
range: C3-A5
hair: dark brown
eyes: brown


Atlantic Theater Company & Maximum Entertainment Productions

Alison Beatty, dir.


Poins, Westmorland

Corey Carson





Irina Sergeyevna

Abigail Williams


Belle, Miss Lucy

Emily, Red

Voice/Text Coach

ESN Dinah Murphy


Narrator, Various





Smith Street Stage

Smith Street Stage

Libra Theater Company

Smith Street Stage

Riverside Theater

Perchance to Dream Theatre

Perchance to Dream Theatre

Clarence Brown Theatre

Clarence Brown Theatre

Clarence Brown Theatre

Clarence Brown Theatre

Clarence Brown Theatre

Great River Shakespeare

Clarence Brown Theatre

Clarence Brown Theatre

Clarence Brown Theatre

Equitas Entertainment

Equitas Entertainment

Vessul Creative

Viva La Awesome Films

Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy

Joby Earle

Tom Costello

Ben Horner

Cristin Downs

Emma Schimminger

Emma Schimminger

Michael Fry

Cal MacLean

John Sipes

Kathleen Conlin

John Sipes

Bryan Hunt

Terry Silver-Alford

John Sipes

Kate Buckley

Paul Kampf

Paul Kampf

Tyler Hays

Devon Riley

* - New York Innovative Theater Award Winner for Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role

** - New York Innovative Theater Award Winner for Outstanding Ensemble and Revival

+ - fight captain; ++ - dance captain


Freelance Voiceover Artist for Discovery Digital Studios (LCI's for their various online platforms)

Education and Training

University of Tennessee, MFA Graduate Acting

University of Tennessee, BA in Theatre, summa cum laude

British American Drama Academy

New York Stage and Film's Powerhouse Theater, Acting Apprentice Company

Acting: Kate Buckley, Jed Diamond, Carol Mayo Jenkins, Jon Korkes, Mark Wing-Davey

Clown: Zachary Fine, Carol Thompson, Christopher Tramantana

Master Classes: John Barton, Julian Glover, Fiona Shaw

Movement: Brian Gligor (Viewpoints), Casey Sams (Laban), John Sipes (Suzuki, Corporeal Mime)

Shakespeare: Kate Buckley, Drew Cortese, Carol Mayo Jenkins, John Sipes, Ian Wooldridge

Voice: Barbara Houseman, Abigail Langham, Philip Thompson, Erik Singer

Skills of the Special Variety

7 Years Dance Training (ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern)

Dialects (British R.P./Heightened R.P., Cockney, Yorkshire, New Zealand)

Stage Combat (hand-to-hand, quarterstaff)

Very Flexible

Baton Twirling

6 Years Bartending and Barista Experience

Cardio Kickboxing, Karate (tae kwon do)


Driver's License (automatic)

Competent on Roller Skates

Makes a Killer Homemade Lasagna

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