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The majority of this blog is devoted to a national tour I was lucky to be apart of from January-April of 2015. But check back soon... a new blog about my summer at Great River Shakespeare Festival is on its way!

So we’ve escaped disaster and stared right into the face of the completely unexpected and said “IVY AND BEAN WILL OVERCOME!” 

(we never actually said that out loud, not really sure if we ever said it to ourselves either)

After our Rochester shows, the original plan was t...

You’ve probably been on pins and needles just waiting for the resolution to the cliffhanger I left you with, right? 

No? Okay. It’s cool.

So, our troubles are over, right? Au contraire, mon frere.

After loading our set and road boxes into the trailer (which we've lovingly...

Welcome Back! I've missed you.

Much like our first week on tour, weather was acting like a big ol’ jerk. We ended up getting on the road a whole day early from New York to avoid what the whole United States was calling The Scariest Storm of the Century. 

Two feet of snow...

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The Great Ivy + Bean Tour, Week Eleven: Arizona, Colorado, New Beginnings and a Fond Farewell.

April 28, 2015

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