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The majority of this blog is devoted to a national tour I was lucky to be apart of from January-April of 2015. But check back soon... a new blog about my summer at Great River Shakespeare Festival is on its way!

We arrived in Massachusetts a little tardy to the party.

We began our adventure on a day that the weather was out to get just about everyone. I left my apartment and walked to the subway in freezing rain, which had produced just enough black ice on the sidewalks that I...

Well, here we are guys. It's the end.  

Are you ready to say goodbye? No? Well, too bad. They aren't gonna pay us anymore after this week so we gotta stop.

This week has been full of feelings— fear, joy, excitement, love. We may have started off on a rough foot, but we a...

The most anticipated week of the tour has arrived, y'all. Get out your feathers, poker chips and Elvis impersonators.

The Ivy + Bean crew has finally arrived in Las Vegas.

It should be said that we've been talking about this particular week of the tour since we started....

The final leg of the tour has begun. Are you ready?

It was another super frickin early Saturday morning for the cast of Ivy + Bean. I was up at five to be at the airport by 6:45 (insert another image of me with my baggy eyes and grumpy cat face), so we could make our 8:...

Week eight was probably the slowest and weirdest week of tour to date, because all of the tour work happened within forty-eight hours. Neverless, it was part of tour, so it must be blogged!

It was great not having to worry about a suitcase since we were only going to be...

This week was one for the (world) record books, folks. Fasten your seatbelt.

After a stellar couple of days celebrating birthdays and being just plain lazy, which was incredible, we eased our way back into the swing of things with a Sunday evening load-in at the Easter...

It was another action-packed week for the Ivy and Bean warriors.

Actually, it wasn't as crazy as other weeks have been. Regardless, it was full of brand new adventures. So let's get to it, shall we? Ok great.

After a lovely day off in Milwaukee, our only responsibility o...

Well, New York, I'd like to say I'll miss you, but I'd be lying straight to your face.

(To the people of New York: please disregard the previous statement. I had the time of my life catching up with all of you before heading back out on the road. Stay safe and warm.)


So we’ve escaped disaster and stared right into the face of the completely unexpected and said “IVY AND BEAN WILL OVERCOME!” 

(we never actually said that out loud, not really sure if we ever said it to ourselves either)

After our Rochester shows, the original plan was t...

You’ve probably been on pins and needles just waiting for the resolution to the cliffhanger I left you with, right? 

No? Okay. It’s cool.

So, our troubles are over, right? Au contraire, mon frere.

After loading our set and road boxes into the trailer (which we've lovingly...

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April 28, 2015

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